Average Joes

The begining

A blog for your campaign

The Characters attended the town meeting held at the Merry Riot Inn where they learned that the Ogre that had been demanding monthly tribute from the town for years has recently started demanding gold, building supplies, and at his last visit villagers. When the mayor did not give the Ogre villagers he became angry and took two villagers. One of the villagers was the daughter of Kerwin the local outfitter, and part owner of the Merry Riot Inn. As a result of the Ogre’s demands for money have left the town with no coin to hire mercenaries, the mayor has put it the the town to take care of the Ogre. Four brave villagers have accepted the quest. The first a brave member of the town millitia, and a welcomed strong arm of the group sure to give the ogre a chalenge in any physical match. The second is the spiritual guide of the group, a soft spoken follower of Yollanda who would lead the group in its moral decisions through actions alone. After the first night of celebration to send the party off two other members of the millitia that vollunteered failed to show up with the group and have not been seen in town. As such the local barista at the Merry Riot Inn has stepped up to fill the void, and with his quick wit and jovial nature is sure to make any journey they must make a shorter one.



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