Average Joes

Skull Top

The heros decended deeper below the orge’s cave and soon found them selves exploring worked stone corridoors, where they stumbled accross a wizard’s labratory, discovered holding cells prepared for future hostages or worse. The adventurers stumbled upon a wizard named Suto who was in the middle of completing a silver inlay in the floor of a large room that contained an altar resemblling a huge frog type creature. After the ensuing battle the adventurers came out on top, foiling the wizards plans.
Once the adventurers were satisfied that they had explored all areas of Skull Top, they gathered their loot and trophies to head back to Dundraville. The adventurers first stopped by the Inn to drop off the owner’s missing daughter that they had rescued. After visiting with some of the locals, the party sat down with the mayor and other prominant members of the town to get them up to speed with what had occured in Skull Top and what they had found. The mayor requested the party stay in town for a few days to be the special guests at a new festival in their honor. After three days the party had decided to travel to the region’s capital Marner with the goods they had aquired from Skull Top. Cratos was approched by Berk and asked to transport a shipment to Marner for him, and supplied the party with a wagon and draft animals to get them there. Berk also gave Cratos a letter to give to his contact whome he said would find them outside the city. Rose of the church of Yollanda requested the party check on a baked goods supplier who was about a days travel from the city. After taking part in the first annual Ogre Slayer day the party set out for Marner.



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