Average Joes

first outing

The brave townsfolk set out gathering some information about the ogre and his den known to the locals as Skull top hill. The adventurers were able to gather some basic information about the ogre from various villagers, and learned that the hill the ogre had taken up in had a natural back door discovered by a local hunter. The adventurers set off to investigate the rumors, and soon came upon skull top. The party found the trail left by the orge which led them to an open field in front of the hill. After searching arround the party came accross a sleeping hobgoblin tending a flock of sheep.
After taking part in the first life and death strugle of their lives the party was able over take the hobgoblin and move on to locate the hidden back entrance. The crack in the stone wall, which served as the back entrance led the party into a massive cave which housed a collection of bats. The party soon found out that the collection of bats on the celling made the floor of the cave very slippery. After encountering some natural cave denzines the party cam across some crudly created traps and eventually found their way to the ogre’s chamber.
The party traded blows with the ogre and came out of the scuffle more well off than they thought they would. With a quick look through the caves turned up ale casks from Berk’s Brewery, a few curiously housed false bottoms, a note was found. A secret door was also located which led deeper down below Skull top.



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