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Skull Top

The heros decended deeper below the orge’s cave and soon found them selves exploring worked stone corridoors, where they stumbled accross a wizard’s labratory, discovered holding cells prepared for future hostages or worse. The adventurers stumbled upon a wizard named Suto who was in the middle of completing a silver inlay in the floor of a large room that contained an altar resemblling a huge frog type creature. After the ensuing battle the adventurers came out on top, foiling the wizards plans.
Once the adventurers were satisfied that they had explored all areas of Skull Top, they gathered their loot and trophies to head back to Dundraville. The adventurers first stopped by the Inn to drop off the owner’s missing daughter that they had rescued. After visiting with some of the locals, the party sat down with the mayor and other prominant members of the town to get them up to speed with what had occured in Skull Top and what they had found. The mayor requested the party stay in town for a few days to be the special guests at a new festival in their honor. After three days the party had decided to travel to the region’s capital Marner with the goods they had aquired from Skull Top. Cratos was approched by Berk and asked to transport a shipment to Marner for him, and supplied the party with a wagon and draft animals to get them there. Berk also gave Cratos a letter to give to his contact whome he said would find them outside the city. Rose of the church of Yollanda requested the party check on a baked goods supplier who was about a days travel from the city. After taking part in the first annual Ogre Slayer day the party set out for Marner.

first outing

The brave townsfolk set out gathering some information about the ogre and his den known to the locals as Skull top hill. The adventurers were able to gather some basic information about the ogre from various villagers, and learned that the hill the ogre had taken up in had a natural back door discovered by a local hunter. The adventurers set off to investigate the rumors, and soon came upon skull top. The party found the trail left by the orge which led them to an open field in front of the hill. After searching arround the party came accross a sleeping hobgoblin tending a flock of sheep.
After taking part in the first life and death strugle of their lives the party was able over take the hobgoblin and move on to locate the hidden back entrance. The crack in the stone wall, which served as the back entrance led the party into a massive cave which housed a collection of bats. The party soon found out that the collection of bats on the celling made the floor of the cave very slippery. After encountering some natural cave denzines the party cam across some crudly created traps and eventually found their way to the ogre’s chamber.
The party traded blows with the ogre and came out of the scuffle more well off than they thought they would. With a quick look through the caves turned up ale casks from Berk’s Brewery, a few curiously housed false bottoms, a note was found. A secret door was also located which led deeper down below Skull top.

The begining
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The Characters attended the town meeting held at the Merry Riot Inn where they learned that the Ogre that had been demanding monthly tribute from the town for years has recently started demanding gold, building supplies, and at his last visit villagers. When the mayor did not give the Ogre villagers he became angry and took two villagers. One of the villagers was the daughter of Kerwin the local outfitter, and part owner of the Merry Riot Inn. As a result of the Ogre’s demands for money have left the town with no coin to hire mercenaries, the mayor has put it the the town to take care of the Ogre. Four brave villagers have accepted the quest. The first a brave member of the town millitia, and a welcomed strong arm of the group sure to give the ogre a chalenge in any physical match. The second is the spiritual guide of the group, a soft spoken follower of Yollanda who would lead the group in its moral decisions through actions alone. After the first night of celebration to send the party off two other members of the millitia that vollunteered failed to show up with the group and have not been seen in town. As such the local barista at the Merry Riot Inn has stepped up to fill the void, and with his quick wit and jovial nature is sure to make any journey they must make a shorter one.


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